Jacinta Guinan’s work can be described as Modern Irish Landcape. Her interpretation of these lands shows a freshness and sensitivity to the subject, which reveals the mystery and energy behind these ancient hills and lakes. Her painterly skies, textured fields, rugged trees and honest pallette bring the viewer into a landscape they can virtually feel, hear and explore.

Her work features landscapes of the rural, West of Ireland, where she resides and has embraced her vision of selected landscapes she feels a particular connection with.

Jacinta studied at Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork. She has refined and honed her techniques through self study. Her work has been exhibited in The Union League Club of Philadelphia, Treasures Irish Art Athlone, Trinity Gallery Dublin, National Gallery of Ireland, Oriel Gallery Dublin, Ballina Arts Centre Co. Mayo, King House Boyle, Purdy Hicks Gallery London, Toradh Gallery Meath and many more.